We are working on a set of European/International Lesson Plans about the consequences of the totalitarianism in the XX Century, in the WWII and in the Spanish Civil War, with emphasis on the Human Rights like the concentration camps during the Holocaust (Shoah) and the current consequences of the Spanish Civil War (Law of Historical Memory), and the resistance movement of people who thought other world and reality was possible. It means our main purpose is to make our students aware of the importance of critical thinking and political and social activism in the construction of the EU through the European History and the development of Human Rights against intolerance and totalitarianism in order to create pedagogical tools to offer a new perspective on the extermination: from Collaboration, Indifference and Resistance in response to the new rise of radical-right parties in Europe.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Meeting in Lithuania 2015 16-20 of November

Meeting in Lithuania:

16th November
Welcome presentation and presentation of the school by M.Jakobas, the Principal of the Šolomo Aleichemo ORT gimnazija who presented the Running of the School and Attention to the Leaving School Early and the School Failure.
The lecture on an Educational System in Lithuania was held by
O. Čepulėnienė, Department of General
Education, Lower and Upper Secondary Education, Ministery of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.
After the education seminar, E. Pavinskienė, Deputy of the
Principal introduced the Jewish Community and G. Kuklienė, Teacher of History,introduced the School Tolerance Centre. After this presentation there were:

- a Tour in Seimas – Lithuanian Parliament, an introduction of Lithuanian
history,theme: Soviet block Independence campaigns, Lithuanian Resistance in 1989 -1991 according to Lesson Plans subjects. 

-a meeting with M. Grodnik, vice- Chairman of the Jewish Community of Lithuania, at the Community Center and a visit at Museum of Tolerance.

-visiting the Vilnius Ghetto by R.Bieliauskiene.

After lunch, Coordinators held a management meeting.

17th November
Participation of students and teachers in lessons.
After that there were different
activities: visit to Paneriai including meeting with Fania Brancovskaya, survivor who
explained the Paneriai memorial mass murder place and the The partisan Bunker.

Visiting the Green house Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum – exhibition of the Holocaust history in Lithuania with a lecture on Holocaust in Vilnius and a story on
C.Sugihara, Japanese diplomat who saved thousans of Jewish in Lithuania.
After lunch, Coordinators held a management meeting: Distribution of tasks for the
Greek meeting.

18th November
Tour of Vilnius University where we visited the library, medieval book collection, the
church tower and the Yiddish Institute.
Workshop for students
on the meaning of Hamsa in Jewish traditions and making Hamsa themselves by S.
Pavinskaitė, school Art Studio). Tasting of Jewish national cuisine.
After lunch, Coordinators held a management meeting: preparing students exchange for

19th November
Students from all partners presented their presentations about Collaboration. After that,
the Lithuanian students performanced: „REMEMBER”.

In addition, there was a seminar on Concentration camps and Extermination in Lithuania during the meeting in Lithuania by M.Jakulytė - Vasyl, Tolerance Centre,

Vilnius Gaon Jewish State Museum.
After lunch, Coordinators held a management meeting: progress of Documentary, first
draft about the beginning of documentary.
20th November
Celebrating Shabbat.
Tour of the medieval Trakai castle museum. Presentation of
information on Karaite (Karaim) community and their relationship with the Jewish community.

Introduction of an Electronic Vilnius city Municipality Managing
programme. Visiting Vilnius city Municipality by V.Mosin, Client Service Department.

The subjects discussed and agreements achieved:
- presentation and analysis of Lesson Plan: Collaboration, draft presentation by
- implementation and assessment of other partners
Lesson Plan about Resistence:
reported the implementation of a given partners Lesson Plan. The following matches
reported each others:
1. Poland and Greece.
2. Spain and Finland.
3. Lithuania and Turkey.
4. Italy and Slovakia
- preparing meeting in Greece: dates, student works, students exchange and Lesson Plan
about Indifference draft.
- dissemination results and uploading Blog.

Students: 29
Teachers: 15
Ahmon Koulu, Siilinjärvi, Finland
Students: 3. Teachers: 2.
28th Thessaloniki Lyceum, Greece
Students: 5. Teachers: 2.
IES Tirant lo Blanc, Elche, Spain
Students: 5. Teachers: 3
Gymnazium Sosnoviec, Poland
Stundents: 5. Teachers:2
Gymnázium Angely Merici, Trnava, Slovakia
Students: 4. Teachers: 2.

Metod Koleji, Ankara, Turkey
Students: 4. Teachers: 2.
ISS Leardi, Cassale Monferrato, Italy
Students: 3. Teachers: 2.

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