We are working on a set of European/International Lesson Plans about the consequences of the totalitarianism in the XX Century, in the WWII and in the Spanish Civil War, with emphasis on the Human Rights like the concentration camps during the Holocaust (Shoah) and the current consequences of the Spanish Civil War (Law of Historical Memory), and the resistance movement of people who thought other world and reality was possible. It means our main purpose is to make our students aware of the importance of critical thinking and political and social activism in the construction of the EU through the European History and the development of Human Rights against intolerance and totalitarianism in order to create pedagogical tools to offer a new perspective on the extermination: from Collaboration, Indifference and Resistance in response to the new rise of radical-right parties in Europe.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Professor E.Hontolidou talks to the students of 28th High School of Thessaloniki about Holocaust.

On Friday 27th March, 2015  Mrs Eleni Hontolidou, professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,  visited our school and met the students participated in the project and the students of A2 class. Mrs Hontolidou talked about Holocaust and particularly the Jewish population of Thessaloniki and their extermination by the Nazis. Τhe students had the chance to pose their questions and get answers. Mrs Hontolidou talked to them about racism and xenophobia  in the past and nowadays. There has been also much talk about the economic crisis and its potential consequences mainly on the political field. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dissemination: Articles about the event of 28th High School of Thessaloniki at the media

28th High School of Thessaloniki participates in the commemorative march "Never again"

On Sunday 15th March a commemorative march under the title “Never again” was held in Thessaloniki for the 72nd anniversary of the departure of the first train from Thessaloniki to the concentration camps of Auschwitz. Starting from the Holocaust memorial at Eleftherias (Liberty) Square more than 2000 people headed for the old train station of the city where people left flowers on the railway tracks. Our school participated in the ceremony presenting a dramatization of the poem Fugue of death byPaul Celan. The 11 students under the inspired direction of the teacher Z. Spanos managed to convey the message of the poem and deeply touched the audience.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The logo contest winners at Gimnazjum nr 9 im. Jana Pawła II in Sosnowiec

The logo contest winners and some other works of students from Gimnazjum nr 9 im Jana Pawła II.

A meeting with witnesses of history at Gimnazjum nr 9 im. Jana Pawła II in Sosnowiec

On the 30th January 2015 we had the pleasure to host two witnesses of history, citizens of Sosnowiec, Mrs. Halina Skalbmierska and her cousin Mr. Adolf Kasprzyk, who at the time of II World War were teenagers. They told us a tragic story of their family who suffered as a result of their parents’ active resistance against Nazi occupants. They described their stay at labour camps and different types of resistance movements in Sosnowiec during II World War.  
The story of the family will serve as resources for the lesson plan in the first didactic unit. We are very grateful that Mrs. Skalbmierska and Mr. Kasprzyk agreed to spend time with our students and teach them a very special history lesson.


Winner: Italy

Dissemination: News about Italian meeting in Poland

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Spanish Week at Gimnazjum nr 9 im. Jana Pawła II in Sosnowiec

From 22nd to 28th January a Spanish week was organized in order to acquaint students with Spanish culture, music, film, dance, traditions, geography, sport, great Spaniards. Before the Spanish week started all students were informed about the programme so that they could prepare themselves. All classrooms were described in Spanish and everywhere in the corridors students could find Spanish expressions. On 22nd January Spanish dance was first introduced. Students learned Flamenco during breaks and danced to other Spanish hits. Students could learn sequences of movements prepared by one of the students who is a professional dancer throughout the whole week. On 23rd January a Poland –Spain football match was held. The Spanish team was represented by students from classes I c and II b. Polish team was comprised of students from classes II a, b and c. The match resulted in a draw 2:2.  On 26th January students learned about Spanish holidays and interesting traditions such as Encierro through posters and PowerPoint presentation.  On 27th January students watched Spanish movies by Pedro Almodovar and Carlos Saura. Throughout the whole week students listened to Spanish music during breaks, each class had to prepare a poster related to a chosen Spanish topic and a presentation about  Spain. At the end of the week a contest was organized which tested the knowledge that students gained about Spain during the Spanish week.

Gimnazjum nr 9 im. Jana Pawła II in Sosnowiec placed a banner on the school's building.

At the beginning of January 2015 Gimnazjum nr 9 im. Jana Pawła II placed a banner on the school's building to advertise the project.