We are working on a set of European/International Lesson Plans about the consequences of the totalitarianism in the XX Century, in the WWII and in the Spanish Civil War, with emphasis on the Human Rights like the concentration camps during the Holocaust (Shoah) and the current consequences of the Spanish Civil War (Law of Historical Memory), and the resistance movement of people who thought other world and reality was possible. It means our main purpose is to make our students aware of the importance of critical thinking and political and social activism in the construction of the EU through the European History and the development of Human Rights against intolerance and totalitarianism in order to create pedagogical tools to offer a new perspective on the extermination: from Collaboration, Indifference and Resistance in response to the new rise of radical-right parties in Europe.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Write for Rights global letter writing marathon

On 11th  December students from partners participated in the Write for Rights Amnesty’s annual global letter writing marathon for people whose basic human rights are under attack. Every December, Amnesty International supporters write millions of messages to change lives worldwide, to help release prisoners of conscience, bring torturers to justice and change laws to protect people's freedom.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The first meeting of the Erasmus+ Team at Gimnazjum nr 9 im Jana Pawła II in Sosnowiec

The first meeting of the Erasmus+ Team took place on 8th December. The team was informed about the aims of the project and started planning the calendar of events for the coming year. The students are interested in the project and eager to work on it.

Presentation of the project to the staff at Gimnazjum nr 9 im Jana Pawła II in Sosnowiec

On the 26th of November there was a staff meeting held in Gimnazjum nr 9
im. Jana Pawła II in Sosnowiec in order to report on the meeting in Elche, Spain and  to inform teachers about the decisions taken there. We would like to thank everyone for participation and attention.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


The first Transnational Project Meeting was held in Elche (Spain), IES Tirant Lo Blanc, from 17th to 21st November 2014. 

Family Picture at School

The work programme was carried out from Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th according to the foreseen.

  • 18th Tuesday
Welcome Ceremony. Regional and Local Government, Headmaster and Parent Association attended the meeting:

Welcome Ceremony


Mr. José Cantó Alonsó, Head of  Teaching Training Department, Conselleria d'Educació,  Generalitat Valenciana.
Mr. José Vicente Sanía, European Projects Coordinator, Conselleria d'Educació, Generalitat Valenciana.
Mr. José Antonio Serrano López, Headmaster IES Tirant lo Blanc.
Mr. Daniel McEcvoy, Inspector of Education, Generalitat Valenciana.
IES Tirant lo Blanc-Parents Association
Mr. Darío M. Montesinos, Project Coordinator.

Activities with students. Mrs. Teresa Segalienè

Slovakia: Mrs. Jana Kuracinová, Headmistress.  and Mrs. Sabiná Blazová, Project Coordinator.
Turkey: Mrs. Sema Batirbe, Headmistress, and Mrs. Katarzyna Atmaca, Project Coordinator.
Greece: Mr. Dimitrios Sokoutis, Headmaster, and Mrs. Dora Glaraki, Project Coordinator.
Finland: Mrs. Mari Toivane, Vice-Headmistress, and Mr. Markus Kiovisto, Project Coordinator.
Lithuania: Mrs. Teresa Segalienè, Project Coordinator.
Poland: Joanna Janas-Sajdak, Project Coordinator.
Italy: Mrs. Nicoletta Berrone, Headmistress, Mrs. Paola Perotto and Mr. Gianpaolo Cassano, Project Coordinator.

 Meeting with teachers at Staff Room

Talk about Spanish Educational System by Mr. Pere Soriano i Guilabert. (Upload)

 Mr. Pere Soriano i Guilabert

Everyday we had a coffee break at staff-room with all teachers to meet one another.

Partners presented their schools:


We had the dinner at University Miguel Hernández where partners met Prof. Miguel Orts Montenegro who explained the task of Cátedra Pere Ibarra of UMH. 

Mr. Miguel Orts Montenegro, UMH University

Work meetings were held to go in details about the different aspects of the project:

  1. New budget
  2. Reorganization of schedule
  3. Making agreements on dates: Italian, Polish meeting and Teaching Training Course.
  4. Making agreements on Lessons Plan structure and Documental script.
  5. Teaching Training Event.
Making decisions

Work meeting presentation:

  • 19th Wednesday:

We visited Museo de la Festa, World Heritage.
We visited the City Hall and we met Mr. Daniel McEvoy Bravo, Education City Councillor.
Partners met students involved in the project by attending lessons in country group.

Mr. Daniel McEvoy, Education Councillor, Elche City Hall

Work meetings were held to go in details about the different aspects of the project:

  1. Communication
  2. People in charge
  3. Evaluation quality of project and results
  4. Quality poll
  5. KA1
  6. Student exchange

Writing the agreements
  • 20th Thursday
A talk was hold by Mrs. Maribel Hernández, Amnesty International: "Teaching Human Rights at School. The role of AI at our ptroject" (1st pp.)  (2nd. pp.)

Meeting with students involved in the project.

Activities with students

Signature of agreements

Signature with students

Dissemination Radio:
Radio Onda Cero
Radio UMH
Radio Cadena Ser
Radio Marca
Radio Sefarad

Onda Cero Radio

Dissemination Newspaper:
La Verdad
La Vanguardia
Elche Diario
Elche Digital

Mrs. Dora Glaraki with students of Latin

Dissemination Television:
Tele -Elx

Spanish Students guiding our guests 

Presentation project
Amnesty International Presentations 1 and 2

City Tour by Elche

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


According to the agreement signed in Elche Nov.14, the next Transnational Project Meeting will be held from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th Febreuary 2015 at ISS Leardi, in Casale Monferrato, Italy. 

Monday 23rd and Friday 27th will be arrival/departure days, so the working plan will be carried out from 24th to 26th. 

Partners are asked for respecting the work days as much as possible to book flight tickets. 

Activities organized by Italian Partner:

-Seminar Italian Educational System. The running of the School. Attention to the
Leaving School Early and the School Failure.
-Seminar Concentration Camps and the extermination in Italy. The current attitude of
Italian parties.

Activities organized by all partners:

-Final agreement on the Didactic Units (Lesson Plan or Teaching Units).
-Final agreement on the script of the Documentary.
-Selection and presentation of material for Didactic Units (Lesson Plan or Teaching Units): texts, pictures, movies, documentaries. Partners will present their biographies selected to work on the resistance.
-Preparing the student exchange in Poland.
-1st Official Report about the project: progress, budget, project risks, conflict