We are working on a set of European/International Lesson Plans about the consequences of the totalitarianism in the XX Century, in the WWII and in the Spanish Civil War, with emphasis on the Human Rights like the concentration camps during the Holocaust (Shoah) and the current consequences of the Spanish Civil War (Law of Historical Memory), and the resistance movement of people who thought other world and reality was possible. It means our main purpose is to make our students aware of the importance of critical thinking and political and social activism in the construction of the EU through the European History and the development of Human Rights against intolerance and totalitarianism in order to create pedagogical tools to offer a new perspective on the extermination: from Collaboration, Indifference and Resistance in response to the new rise of radical-right parties in Europe.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Vilniaus Šolomo Aleichemo ORT Gimnazija
20.01.16 Sugihara Exhibition
Preparing for participation in Exhibition dedicated to Japanese diplomat  Chijune Sugihara - who saved thousands of lives in WWII by issuing vizas to Jewish refugees.

27.01.16 Holocost Remembrance Day 2016


 12.02.16 Lithuania's Independence Day 2016

11.05.16 Israel's Independence Day 2016

01.06.16 Visit to Sugihara museum in Kaunas

23.09.16 Openinig of the Memorial for Vilnius Ghetto's Children

23.09.16 Paneriai - Remembrance Day of mass murder victims

16.12.16 Schoolplay - SA Guests in Žverynas

27.01.17 Holocost Remembrance Day 2017

24.04.17 Remembering Warsaw Ghetto's Liquidation

26.04.17 ORT directors' meeting - project presentation

05.05.17 Presentation of "Mūsiškiai" - book by Rūta Vanagaitė

Rūta Vanagaitė - Lithuanian journalist who wrote a book about relations between Jews and Lithuanians during WWII.

29.05.17 Visit to Gaon museum

30.05.17 Daytrip to Kaunas - war museum (first group)
01.06.17 Daytrip to Kaunas - Sugihara museum (second group)
26.07.17 Schoolplay - Pabradė

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